Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the website and e-shop available at yourbusinesswizards.com. In these terms and conditions the term “customer” refers to anyone using the products and services available at yourbusinesswizards.com. The terms “we” or “our” shall refer to the company and e-shop yourbusinesswizards.com. These terms and conditions govern all of the transactions that take place on yourbusinesswizards.com. The website yourbusinesswizards.com is owned and operated by Thinkatomy Consulting LTD with a registered address in Lagos, Nigeria.


1. Products and Services

The website yourbusinesswizards.com runs an e-shop which sells content in the form of business self-help materials. All content is sold digitally in the format of either an eBook, Audiobook, Video or online course. All customers wishing to make purchases and downloads from the e-shop must first have an account with the website yourbusinesswizards.com. Setting up an account is free. All content is priced differently and the prices are clearly displayed in the e-shop alongside each item. Once a customer has created an account, chosen and paid for their selected content and have the payment go through successfully then they will be emailed a download link where they will be able to download their files of their content. All of the content that is sold can be downloaded into widely accepted digital formats which can be used on a number of devices, eReaders, smartphones, tablets and computers.


2. Using The E-shop 

All customers that are planning on using the e-shop will need to make an account on yourbusinesswizards.com in order to gain full access to the products and services that are on offer. All customers will need to be at least 18 years of age, and some may be asked to show proof of ID before they are able to access the content in the web shop. Customers are required to enter accurate, complete and true information when they set up an account with us. The customer will be responsible for letting us know of any changes as soon as they are able to. By creating an account, the customer signifies that they are prepared to enter into a working agreement with the website yourbusinesswizards.com and that they agree to all of these terms and conditions. The website yourbusinesswizards.com may refuse to accept any account requests at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to terminate the agreement with any customers which we believe have breached these terms and conditions with no prior warning to them.

3. Payments, Pricing, Refunds and Delivery

The customer may order individual copies of eBooks, Audiobooks or videos by clicking on the icon in the web shop and clicking ‘Add to Cart’. The customer will compete the order process on the payment page. The customer shall be billed electronically for all of the content and will receive confirmation to the email address provided. If a customer fails to make a payment for any of the items that have been selected on yourbusinesswizards.com then the company reserves the right to restrict this account from any further access. All items are delivered in an electronic format via email. As soon as the payment for items has been processed then an email will be sent to the customer’s account with a link where they will be able to download the content. All of these emails should arrive immediately as soon as the payment has been processed, however, if there has been a delay and you have not received your content link download within 24 hours then please get in touch with a member of the team who will look into this for you as soon as possible. If you wish to cancel an order or you wish to request a refund, then you will need to speak to a member of our customer services team. Please be aware we only accept refund requests in the unlikely case of faulty or incorrect goods and all refunds requests need to be made within seven days of the customer receiving the item. All Payments will be shown as TTCLYBW, LAGOS as the billing descriptor on your credit card statement.

4. Usage Rights and Important Information for Digital Content

As explained above all of the content will be made available to the customer as soon as their payment has been processed and they will be sent a link where they can download the material. The use of the downloaded content, whether it be an eBook, Audiobook or video is for the customer’s personal and non-commercial use only. The files may be stored only on the customer’s personal devices and may not be shared digitally on to any other devices. It is forbidden for the customer to make any unauthorised copies, adapt any of the digital content or make it otherwise available to third parties or the public. Content must also be used only in the ways which are permitted by copyright law.

5. Warranty and Liability

There is a legal guarantee of conformity which applies to all of the goods that are sold on this website. Any claims that arise from this guarantee become statute-barred within two years after the goods have been received. The company shall not be held liable in accordance with statutory regulations for any loss or damage which has been sustained by the customer, that has been caused by any intent or gross negligence. This is due to the object of performance lacking a warranted characteristic or if the breach of any of these obligations results from the loss of life, limb, or health and is covered by liability under product liability law.  Where any damages that have been sustained by the customer result form the loss of data then the company shall not be held liable if any of this damage could have been avoided if the customer made regular back-ups and make sure to save the data.

6. Terminations

Customers may terminate their agreement with yourbusinesswizards.com at any time and without prior warning to the company by removing their account from the website. Customers are advised that once they have deleted their accounts they will no longer be able to use the services that have been offered on the web shop. The company may similarly terminate the account of a customer at any point in cases where, at our sole discretion, the customer has violated any of these terms and conditions.

7. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

All legal disputes that arise from any issues surrounding these terms and conditions will be governed by the laws of the Nigeria.